Open Ended Lending

One Signature, One Application, A Lifetime of Convenient Borrowing

The Lending Plan

Want an idea for making your life richer? Not just money richer… (Though that’s part of the idea). See. This also makes your time richer. It’s P.C. Federal Credit Union’s (PCFCU) Lending Plan; and no other area financial institution has it. You complete an application, then anytime in the future, when you need a great rate on almost any type of loan, You Are Set!

Here’s how to get a Lending Plan:

1.  Complete an application and sign your new Lending Plan.

2.  Anytime in the future, when you need a great rate on almost any type of loan (car, school, whatever) call or stop in the Credit Union for approval.

.  We’ll ask you a few questions about your finances and look for ways to save you money with our competitive rates and local services.

4.  Once approved for your loan, money will be placed in your PCFCU Share/Share Draft Account or a check will be cut to the retail store or vehicle dealer of your choice.

5.  You don’t have to borrow money now, and the plan can have multiple loans on it, (real estate loans do not apply to the lending plan. Call us for information on the Home EquityLoans we offer)

When you have been approved for an advance, we will supply you with the repayment terms and a description of the collateral for the advance. Then, we can deposit the loan funds directly into your Share/Share Draft Account so that you can have immediate use of your funds. We look forward to serving your lending needs. Stop by PCFCU or call (814) 642-9248 to see how easy obtaining a loan can be.