You’re an Owner

What do we mean when we say:

“You’re Not Just a Member — YOU’RE AN OWNER!!”?

Since 1955, P. C. Federal Credit Union (PCFCU) has been a MEMBER–OWNED, not-for-profit financial institution with no outside stockholders. What does that mean for you and your family? It means, when you join PCFCU, you’re not a customer, you’re a member-owner with a VOTE & a VOICE at the Credit Union.

You see, we’re like a bank in terms of the accounts, loans and services we provide, but the similarities end there. A few of the advantages of membership in PCFCU are:

  • our loan rates are generally lower than those offered by conventional, for-profit financial institutions—whether it’s a loan for home improvements, vehicle, vacation, education — you name it — our members enjoy favorable loan rates;
  • we’re also able to pay higher dividends on deposits and charge lower fees;
  • we offer Share Drafts, Cert. Deposit, Debit Cards, On-Line Banking & more!

Simply stated: We exist for our members’ benefit, not to profit from them — that’s what makes us different from other financial institutions — that’s how we’re able to offer such great benefits.

PCFCU’s current Field of Membership includes employees & retirees (& members of their immediate family or household) of the following employers:

  1. Pittsburgh Corning Corporation;
  2. Costa’s Supermarket and Costa’s Ace Hardware
  3. International Waxes, Inc.
  4. Buckler Transport
  5. Duffy, Inc.
  6. Walker Petroleum Services, Inc.
  7. McKean County Government

Download a Flyer About Ownership